The Mongolian artist Soyolmaa  Davaakhuu was born in 1977 as the third daughter of artist parents. She grew up in Mongolia's capital city Ulaanbaatar and graduated with honours from the Fine Arts College, Ulaanbaatar in 1995. Later that year she entered the University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar graduating with honours in 1998.

In 2001 she become a member of the Union of Mongolian Artists ( UMA ), the most prestigious art society in the country. As part of this organization she was expected to submit paintings to four exhibits a year. Thus her works showed in some two dozens exhibitions around the country in this capacity. She has participated in every exhibition hosted by the UMA since 2001.

She has had a number of solo and collaborative exhibitions in both Mongolia and overseas prestigious galleries. 

In 2006 Soyolmaa Davaakhuu was invited to America as an Artist In Residence at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art in Atlanta. Here she painted in the main gallery of OUMA for a month, in connection with “Portals to Shangri–La: Masterpieces from Buddhist Mongolia” and an exhibit of Mongolian paintings from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

In 2009 eleven of Soyolmaa's paintings were selected for the Donald Rubin Museum in New York.

Soyolmaa is known for her eclectic approach to art and Buddhism, moving between a number of styles including the traditional Mongolian Buddhist arts, contemporary urban expressionism and surrealism expressing the meaning of life through her own experience of Buddhist teachings on Enlightenment and emptiness. She works in many different media including paint, applique, embroidery. In addition Soyolmaa has illustrated more than dozen books published in Mongolia and details of her painting can be seen on covers of a dozen more books. Currently she lives in Mongolia working from her arts studio in Ulaanbaatar.